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Testimonials about Dr. Rob

Testimonials About Dr. Rob Privratsky at Brannan St Chiropractic

See How Chiropractic Care has Helped Others

I have been a chiropractic patient for 29 years, but after a severe automobile accident left me with no feeling in my lower body, the chiropractors I was seeing were unable to help my problem. I was referred to a neurologist who recommended surgery, but before choosing that route, I met Dr. Rob. Since beginning care with Dr. Rob I have experienced a significant improvement in the level of chronic pain associated with my condition. By implementing Dr. Robís advice on nutrition, diet, and exercise I have lost 90 lbs to date and have eliminated several prescription drugs that were necessary for pain management. I am enjoying increased physical stamina, the ability to walk, swim and enjoy the outdoors, improved posture, and no longer need carpal tunnel surgery. Additionally, I have experienced an increased awareness of the joys of life as well as greater mental clarity. As an individual who considered chiropractic care an integral and successful part of my general health maintenance, I am astonished at the results that the integration of Clinical Biomechanics of Posture achieved at a time when my regular practices failed me. Had I not met Dr. Rob, my life would have taken on a form of medical compromise that was in direct conflict with my beliefs. I would have been required to undergo several surgeries; one that would have left me with a steel plate in my back. Also, the risk of infection, additional arthritis in that area, the use of anesthesia, and the down time related to the surgery and subsequent therapy would not have touched upon the other heath issues that CBP has made an improvement upon such as my carpal tunnel syndrome, two hammer toes, a pronated right foot, and several cervical discs that also needed surgery. Dr. Rob has exhibited a creative mastery of his education. He has demonstrated a unique love and understanding of his patients and has evidenced what truthful communication, compassion and discipline can create. It is my sincere hope that his gifts will continue to benefit multitudes of patients while serving as the gold standard for those about to embark upon a career in chiropractic.
— Rosemary G.

I started seeing Dr. Rob because my mid back pain was getting worse after the birth of my daughter. I was skeptical about treatment at first because it looked uncomfortable, but in a few weeks I came to appreciate its benefits. After only a few visits, my pain was greatly reduced and after three months, I could see the difference in my posture. Dr. Rob has the gentlest manipulation technique of any chiropractor I have visited.
— Catherine V.

I came to see Dr. Rob for low back pain, neck pain, headaches, and knee pain after I saw the benefits a friend received from his care. I tried physical therapy extensively and it helped to improve my strength, but the severe pain persisted. I had no idea how chiropractic worked or how much pain could be relieved, but in only four months my daily headaches for the past 5 years are gone and my back feels much better. I was hopeless and desperate for help when I came in and donít know how much further down I could have gone. Dr. Rob not only treats patients physically, but he educates me every step of the way. He treats the whole person and is conscious of the emotional issues that go along with chronic pain and disability. He restored me to a much more functional way of life.
— Donna G.

I needed to find a new chiropractor after I moved from Chicago to manage my headaches and low back pain and I found Dr. Rob on Google. I had been on medications for my headaches for a long time and they didnít seem to work very well. I have seen other chiropractors, but they just ďcrackedĒ my neck and it only provided temporary relief, whereas the treatment Dr. Rob does seems to have made a huge difference. I had never heard of Chiropractic Biophysics before, but it is a more holistic approach than any other chiropractic care I had experienced previously. Dr. Rob is clearly well-educated and informed about what he does. I especially appreciate how clearly he explains what he is doing and how it will help. He has a remarkable view regarding treating the body and not just the symptoms, which is the opposite of my experience with other doctors. I have had chronic pain since I was 7 years old (22 years) and this is the first time my spine has been x-rayed and evaluated. My previous doctors have prescribed me various pain killers and muscle relaxers without concerning themselves with the actual cause of the pain. Because of Dr. Rob I have less frequent headaches and my low back pain has almost completely gone away.
— Elizabeth B.

I came to see Dr. Rob because my back was always painful and I noticed a significant reduction in my ability to turn my head and bend over. Other doctors couldnít determine why I was in so much pain and why I could not move my back very well. After looking at my x-rays and sending me for blood tests, Dr. Rob diagnosed me with having a dangerous spinal condition called ankylosing spondylitis and referred me to a Rheumatologist who confirmed the diagnosis. If I had not seen Dr. Rob my chronic pain would have worsened and my underlying medical condition would have gone undiagnosed and unmanaged.
— Michael F.

I had headaches, neck pain, mid back pain and low back pain for many years after a bad car accident and tried physical therapy on and off for many years with no success. After only a few months, my mobility has increased, I can do things I couldnít do before without pain, and my migraines have been gone for over 2 months. Yippee!! I did not think chiropractic would work, especially for extended for periods of time. Even my elbow is better!! A doctor wanted to do surgery, but I am better without the surgery. Dr. Rob has helped me get back to dancing, martial arts, and dog agility, which are the things I love to do. Dr. Robís dedication and understanding has helped me be more mobile without the pain.
— Renee G.

I started seeing Dr. Rob because of low back pain after a bicycling accident. I also could notice that my head was shifted off to one side and my sinuses were always congested on the side my head was shifted. On the x-ray Dr. Rob showed me how my head was shifted way over to the side like I had seen in my bathroom mirror. After only a few treatments, my low back pain was gone and after a few months the follow-up x-ray showed that my head was no longer shifted over as far. Even my sinus congestion cleared up. There are many people who can benefit from Dr. Robís care.
— Teal Z.

Before seeing Dr. Rob, I had been experience chronic neck and back pain for years. I tried everything from massage to medication, but nothing had lasting results. Dr. Rob taught me ways to manage my chronic pain and make me conscious of how my body reacts to stress, lack of sleep, and overworking. I now take an active role in controlling my pain. Dr. Rob is one of the best, most friendly doctors I have met. He listens to you, comforts you, and encourages you when you seek his help to fight the nagging pain.
— YouRim B.

I had been suffering from neck, low back, and knee pain over the past year and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxants by my medical doctor, but they only helped temporarily. After only a short time under care, I rarely experience knee pain anymore and my neck and low back pain have resolved and only gets a bit stiff occasionally. Not only is Dr. Rob an excellent chiropractor trained in the latest methodology, but he is very aware of body structure. Additionally, Dr. Rob is a compassionate, caring human being who is interested in achieving and maintaining overall health for his patients.
— Carol E.

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